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It’s sometimes opaque and sometimes more translucent. Quartz stone is a very popular kitchen counter material because it’s rugged and naturally scratch-resistant. It resembles marble but it’s more ‘alive’ as the oxygen in the material plays with the light. It’s more reflective and therefore looks more reactive and stylish in the home. Quartz tables, on the other hand, are brilliant as coffee tables, dining tables or side tables in the bedroom. They are incredibly smooth, easy to keep clean and they come in incredibly diverse colours, dexterity and patterns. It can also have crystals embedded into the stone, giving off a sparkle effect. Quartz tables with a bit of shimmer, bring glamour to any home that is looking for a classy image. Quartz is also very resistant to spills which could cause stains on other materials like wood. Therefore the maintenance costs are extremely low. The benefit of this material is that it’s made in slab forms, which can be sized and shaped to your liking. This makes quartz tables highly customizable. The surface can be smooth and polished such as for an executive boardroom table or, it can be coarse and dry to prevent spilled liquid from spreading or things falling off so easily. Quartz is also lighter compared with its marble counterpart. It can even be lighter than some wood, so it’s also a practical choice for a home or office.

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  • Gesdy Round table Quartz tops - Cast Iron BaseGesdy Round table Quartz tops - Cast Iron Base

    Gesdy Round table Quartz tops – Cast Iron Base


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