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How To Dismantle A Bar Stool

Buying high quality furniture for your home is a sign of good taste. Bar stools is by far one of the most functional and stylish furniture pieces. However, sometimes you need to dismantle your bar stool to get it in to a more compact position to box it up. This might be to transfer the stool to some other location or in some rare cases wanting to return it to the shop. In any case, you can follow these steps to securely dismantle your bar stools without compromising the parts and mechanisms of the furniture.



Instead of calling in to the furniture store for help with disassembly, you can take it up as a simple DIY project at home. Start by putting down a soft cloth or rug on the ground. During dismantling the bar stool you will need to invert the furniture and put on the floor. The rug will protect the bar stool’s parts while also protecting the floor from any scratches. You should unscrew the bar stool’s seat to avoid any damages to the soft surface.

Removal of the column from the base. Invert your stool to start the dismantling process with the base. Get a hammer or a lighter rubber mallet and firmly tap on the column running right beneath the base. Make sure the taps are not close to the black clip that is positioned in the centre of the base. This firm tapping will lead the column to simply slide out. In case it is jammed for any reason, a little WD40 will help loosen the column and slide it out more easily from the base.



Remove the base of the stool from the entire set up. Remove the footrest of the stool, straighten the stool again and this time hold the column between your legs tightly to secure the position of the stool. Take a screwdriver and position it along the rim of the gas lift or footrest of the stool. Now hit the screwdriver firmly with a hammer or mallet. The column should slide out of the footrest mechanism as well. Make sure to tap around the inside edges of the rim to avoid even slightly damaging the outside and more visible parts of the stool.



Finally, whether you are returning the stool to the store or simply wanting to move to some other location, make sure to pack the parts in a proper box. For return to the store, it is essential to pack the stool in to the original packaging. Inventory the number of parts and their condition before sending in the package to the store. has a huge choice of nearly 1000 kitchen breakfast bar stools for you to choose from check us out you wont be disappointed our sister site specialises in breakfast bar stools in all shape and sizes!


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